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Cellulose Insulation Services in California


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Proudly Offering the Best Cellulose Insulation Services in California!

The significance of efficient and professional insulation for every home is undeniable. And, when the matter narrows down to choosing the lining material, many clients face confusion. Therefore, A 4 Painting Plus, with years of proven experience in home improvement, offers its reliable assistance. Now you can avail yourself of our leading cellulose insulation services in California and all around it at one phone call!

For over 25 splendid years, A 4 Painting Plus has served thousands of clients with its wide range of leading services. Our two prominent characteristics are quality and efficiency. All our employees are highly skilled, certified, and verified. With us, you can effortlessly appreciate the best cellulose insulation California along with an excellent customer service experience. Whether you avail of our assistance for attic insulation or walls insulation, satisfactory outcomes remain a guarantee.

Cellulose Insulation Services

A4paintingplus is delighted to be a leading company providing Cellulose Insulation Services in California in existing houses, new construction homes, and commercial projects. With up to 85% recycled content, cellulose is one of the most environmentally friendly insulating materials. It can be used in a variety of sections within a house or building, including attics, walls, and crawl spaces. Our cellulose insulation team adds more efficiency to homes and buildings and make them more comfortable and valuable. And a few companies that provide Cellulose Insulation Services in California have the knowledge, experience, and resources that we have.

A4paintingplus Services

Greener Insulation

All types of building insulations can be termed as “green” products because they reduce harmful carbon emissions caused by burning fossil fuels and also save energy. Cellulose is a “green” material derived mostly from recycled newspapers. The material’s eco-friendliness, paired with its energy efficiency, makes it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious homes.

Cellulose Insulation; An Ideal Choice for Your Home!

When electing the insulation material for your home, you will come across many options. Some of the common ones are fiberglass, mineral wool, polystyrene, perlite, etc. Most people find themselves confused between cellulose and fiberglass, but our experts at A 4 Painting Plus always recommend cellulose.

Let’s discuss what makes cellulose an ideal insulation choice for your home!

Enhanced Resistance

Have you ever heard of R-value? It is used to measure the resistance of heat flow through the insulation material. Cellulose has a higher R-value compared to fiberglass. It is perfect for both hot as well as cold climates. On the other hand, fiberglass has comparatively lower resistance, and it keeps on reducing overtime.

Block Air Leakage

Air leakage is one of the foremost causes of heat loss in insulated homes. Any gaps in wall’s cavities, windows, and attics can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC systems and result in higher energy consumption. But with cellulose, you can efficiently block air leakage and fill all the gaps and holes thoroughly compared to fiberglass.

Resistant to Wind-washing

With time, dust and dirt particles get accumulated in the batts of fiberglass. It reduces its R-value. This process is known as wind-washing, but cellulose has stronger resistance to wind-washing. It is because cellulose is denser comparatively, making it a preferable choice for insulation.


One of the chief benefits of opting for cellulose insulation California is that the material is eco-friendly. It is composed of 80-85% of recycled newsprint. In this way, you can save tons of newspapers from getting wasted every year. Moreover, it doesn’t support mold and fungus growth, making it durable!

Why Choose A4 Painting Plus

Since day one, A4 Painting Plus has been serving its client with a customer-centric service approach. No matter what, we always prioritize your best interest and convenience above all. Our matchless team of professionals is our pride! We use advanced technology and result-driven yet green service methods.

Here are some of the chief benefits you can appreciate by putting your faith in A4 Painting Plus

Our customer support staff is highly cooperative and friendly. We are operative 24/7; thus, whenever you need us, give us a call, and we will be more than glad to assist you.

We are most known for ensuring professional assistance. Each of our workers has skills and competencies visible in our work. With us, you can admire a sense of satisfaction that your property is in good hands.

We recognize the value of your time thus never keep our clients waiting. From ensuring immediate response to delivering prompt yet top-notch assistance, you can unquestionably count on us for the best!

Our ultimate goal is to deliver efficient service without disturbing clients’ set budgets. Therefore, our rates are affordable and accommodating. With us, you will never experience any financial strain.

All this and much more! To avail of our leading cellulose insulation services in California, contact us anytime. We also provide free-of-cost, upfront quotes for the ease of the client.

At A4 Painting Plus, you get nothing less than the best!

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