Exterior Cool Life Coating 10 Step Process

  1. Inspection: Every one of the homes outside walls is thoroughly checked out by a certified professional.
  2. Trenching: To get rid of the capillary action caused by the moisture in the ground, soil areas present in and around the perimeter are trenched.
  3. Hydro Blast: For creating a bonding surface that is clean, Hydro Blasting is done. It also gets rid of the debris and dirt revealing the damaged parts that need to be fixed.
  4. Repairs: For eliminating surface imperfections and doing necessary repair work, utilize superior reinforcement materials, special bonders and new wood.
  5. Masking: Cover up the roof, windows and doors. To avoid chances of over-spraying and making sure that a professional finish is done cover up areas like shrubs and pools as well.
  6. 1st Application: For weatherproofing of the wooden surface and masonry, the first coat of the sealer, and primer is thickly sprayed.
  7. Reinspect: To ensure uniformity and to get an assurance of quality finish, each surface is checked out again after curing.
  8. 2nd Application: Certified special equipment is used for spraying the second coat which is of the Cool Life additives in a color of your choosing.
  9. 3rd Application: For surfaces like fascia boards and window grids, a trim coating is done as a third coat which is usually done in semi-gloss or stain and is completed by hand.
  10. Clean-Up: Removal of the debris that was created while performing the painting is cleaned and taken away. A final inspection of the whole job site will be made with the foreman taking you around and showing you that the job has been finished in a professional manner. Upon approval, a signed certificate of satisfaction will be taken from you.

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