Life Paint, founded in 1963, manufactures the finest quality paint, coatings, and associated products at competitive prices. Life Paint prides itself in being pioneers in the manufacturing of elastomeric wall coatings and roof coatings. Life Paint coatings such as Stretch Guard and Cool Life have been developed and tested to withstand the most severe weather conditions from freezing winters to the blistering heat of summer.

Life Paint specializes in formulating exterior paint and coatings to address serious geological challenges. Heavy vibration, as well as thermal shock expansion and contraction cause cracking in stucco and masonry surfaces. Ordinary house paints offer no protection for this problem, but Life Paint elastomeric paints do.

Life Paint’s are many times thicker than ordinary house paint. This is advanced technology that seals cracks, waterproofs porous surfaces, and provides an attractive, durable finish with a lifetime warranty. Cool Life Coatings are the solution to a homeowner’s exterior protection and maintenance challenges.

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